Two dear friends, Ang and Carla met several years ago in the lovely seaside town of Newcastle. Finding joy in all things old, new, borrowed and blue, they immediately became the closest of friends, and it was out of this shared passion, that oh fleur was birthed.

Oh fleur provides floral arrangements, styling and design for weddings, functions and events of any size or caliber. Drawing inspiration from all things antique and dainty, oh fleur compose floral designs with a stunning yet unique edge. Seeking to adapt to each clients’ theme or style, it is their desire to provide exceptional, superior quality floral arrangements complimented with the finest taste in styling.

Each flower we admire is on this earth because of the remarkable handiwork of our incredible creator. We do what we do, simply for the love and admiration we have for the beauty each flower holds, and because it reminds us of our sovereign God who so wonderfully created this world we live in and everything in it.

Isaiah 61:11