Oh hi hey hello there

May 09, 2013

Welcome to the all wonderful, all exciting, all lovely new adventure of oh fleur. After months of daydreaming, idea explosions, numerous cups of coffee (one penny black we love you) and a large list of family weddings, it has finally begun! To be honest, we really don’t think we saw this little door opening in the so very close future, but we could not be more thrilled that it has. We cannot wait to show you our adventures, our late night musings, our early morning starts, our car trips, our car loads and our finished products as we begin oh fleur, bespoke floral design by two dear friends.

May this be the start of an exciting journey – we do not know what lies ahead, but we couldn’t be more excited for it. It is our joy to glorify our God by creating floral designs, which reflect the magnitude of his beauty.

It would be such a delight if you would join us in our love for flowers, by following our blog, instagram and facebook (and if you’re one for pinning on boards and such) please find us on pinterest too!

Until our next bundle of exciting news,

Carla and Ang