Holllddd Up

May 08, 2014

To dear our treasured following folk,

Ok, so here is our massive confession. We absolutely suck at keeping everyone updated, posting blog posts, and insta posts and the whole wide world of social media joy. However! We are back, we are trying and we have so much to share with you, its really quite exciting! So please bear with us, continue to share photos you see and talk to friends about who we are!

Oh fleur, the team, consists of just the two of us (plus about a million more friends and family who without their help, we would not have ever gotten to where we are today) Ang and Carla.

Since our last post, which was really forever ago, quite a bit has happened. If you’ve been wondering if we dropped off the face of the earth, well we kind of did..

In the past three months, Ang and her husband Ryan received the most beautiful, tiny, precious bundle of joy into their lives coming by the name of Norah. She is actually perfect. I know everyone says that, but truly, Norah is perfection in every way. She has joined the oh fleur family and has already had her first trip to the markets at about 7 weeks old.. seriously, we start them young in the flowery world.

In other news, I, Carla got married! It was such a joyful day, full of smiles, fun and an abundance of flowers. It has been an absolute rollercoaster these past few months, with doing an abundance of weddings in amongst all of that, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Its what we do and its what we love. We are so thrilled to see our 2014 calendar fill up to the hills so so quickly, its wonderful!

Now for the AMAZE reveal of a couple of the incredible shoots, weddings and events we have done in the last six months.


Love Carla