oh what a shoot it was!

May 30, 2013

To dear our warmest flowery friends,

It has already been far too long since we gave you a little slice of oh fleur happenings *cough* we know you are just dying to know how our pretty little shoot with Justin Aaron, Lily and Bramwell, Hello Naomi and Emma Soup went! *cough*

Well well well, what to tell you, there is simply too much to say! We had an absolutely positively incredibly enjoyable time alongside our like-minded creatives, Hello Naomi, Justin Aaron, Lily and Bramwell with a sneaky bit of Emma Soup creations thrown in the mix!

The shoot occurred last Wednesday, it was an all-day affair, and although Justin forgot the coffees (shakes head) we were still on our A-game and the end result was purely marv (attempt to abbreviate marvelous). We are itching to show you the photos, so keep your eyes peeled petal lovers, and we will hopefully be featuring those photos online in a jiffy!

In the mean time here’s a sah-weeet little capture by Justin Aaron of the two of us holding all the flowers we possibly could in the room. I think we actually had too much fun.

Much much love,

A & C


Picture 1

photo: Justin Aaron